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We build custom apps on the Salesforce platform that provide solutions for the Salesforce user community. With over 6 years of Salesforce development experience, we are made up of certified Salesforce professionals with the goal of building app solutions on the platform. Our current product is Enhanced Attachments which allows organizations to capture better insight into their record attachments. For more information see our listing on the AppExhange. Contact us here for any questions.

Enhanced Attachment

Enhanced Attachment is an improvement to standard attachments that provides additional functionality that lacks with standard attachments. This is an 100% native app and the current release supports attachments on the Lead, Account, Contact, and Opportunity objects out of the box. Additional standard and custom objects can also be linked to the app as well. You no longer need to create a new attachment record to update the files, as Enhanced Attachment will allow you to update the same record and keep versions of the previous files. Works well with Lightning Experience and Salesforce Classic. Organizations can take advantage of the following features of Enhanced Attachments.

Check out our listing on the AppExchange for a demo video of the app in action!

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